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Floor Plans for the Apartments of The Met at 3rd & Fillmore

The Village – 1.193 Square Feet

Discover the magnitude of space in the 1,193 square foot Village.  This dual master-bedroom suite design is uniquely arranged for luxury and comfort.

The Manhattan – 1,087 Square Feet

Uncover the flawless design of the 1,087 square foot Manhattan, where function and beauty are one.

The Soho Loft – 844 Square Feet

The Soho Loft is one of the privileges of living at The Met.  Its 844 square feet of unconfined space achieves the ideal balance of function and form.


The Chelsea – 839 Square Feet

The Chelsea’s 839 square feet is perfectly appointed.  This is an apartment home that will shape itself day by day to your personal lifestyle.